Erik Oskarsson profile

Erik in Tangkoko Natural Reserve Erik in Tangkoko Natural Reserve

Erik Oskarsson is a Swedish underwater photographer. He started to dive 13 years ago and has during the last 8 years tried to capture the underwater marine life with the help of his cameras. The Fascination for underwater animals, both critters and pelagic animals has over the years intensified, and today taking pictures underwater is almost addictive to Erik. Through part taking in competitions, workshops and simply dive as much as He possible can Erik aims to develop his photography even further.


Erik try's to find inspiration in both common species and more rare occurrences to evolve his portfolio, the trick is to take something ordinary and turn it into extraordinary. Of Late the interest of taking picture on land has increased, and is something the Erik sees as a create oppertuntity to develop his photography as well as complimenting the underwater pictures in terms of story telling. 


Erik is also a member of the executive editorial team of the Swedish sports diving federations magazine, Sportdykaren. Worth mentioning is of course Erik's father, Stefan Oskarsson, who is he's travel companion, dive buddy and (semi)-successful model!