New article!

My interview with the intriging Ulf Dextegen, one of the best static apnea practitioners in the world, will be published in the uppcoming number of Sportdykaren. 

Ahe article in SSDF's "Sportdykaren"

A long article from Ahe will be published in Sportdykaren No 2! Whale sharks, nudies and common reef fish...  

Untitled book project

Currently we are working on the finishing touches of our upcoming e-book about the diving in Indonesia we did last summer. A lot of work, but I must say the result is promising... 

Egypt trip 2013

The next trip is booked, We will go to Egypt and the Brothers in the end of October/beginning of November. I'll be damned if the white tips are avoiding me once again. 

Bunaken article in UwP

In UwP no 71 I will have an article published about Bunaken. Very exciting!